7 Ways To Quiet Our Worries

Do you worry? Like, a lot? If you do, you are perfectly normal. Everyone worries. At least I think so. If by some chance you don’t worry, you probably don’t need this post. Take your Matthew McConaughey temperament to another post (perhaps you might like this one).

I don’t have any ideas for how to eliminate worrying altogether. All I can do is make the worries you do have a little quieter. Actually, I may not even be able to do that. I should point out that this post is not scientific. At all. I can’t promise these ideas will work for you. But they seem worth a try. Especially if you have to choose between trying these ideas and continuing to worry.

With that disclaimer out of the way. Here are 7 ways to quiet our worries:

1. Schedule Your Worrying

Worrying is at its worst when it takes over our entire day. We are paralyzed if we let it permeate into our entire schedule. If we don’t want to let worry creep up on us, we should schedule it into our week. Pick one 30 minute time period and do all your worrying then. For instance pick Thursday at 6:30pm. If you start to worry at 11am on Tuesday, stop, set it aside and tell yourself you will get back to it during its regularly scheduled programming.

2. Write Down Your Worries

During your scheduled worry time, write everything you have to worry about. Hopefully you’ll find that the list isn’t as long, or scary as you may have thought. And I bet once your see some of your worries on paper, you may not be as intimidated as you once were.

3. Sing A Song About Your Worries

Channel your inner Weird Al and make up a dumb song featuring your list of worries. See if you can get it to rhyme to Gangster’s Paradise. Seems silly, I know, but so are most of your worries.

4. Worry About The Worst

If writing down your worries didn’t make them shrink in stature, try the opposite approach. Consider this question: Whats the worst that can happen? As I have written before, considering the worst possible scenario can make us feel more in control. When we are nervous, the unknown is actually scarier than something negative. By painting an image of the worst case, we lessen the unknown and begin to feel in charge.

5. Remember Previous Worries

Remember when we were all worried about Y2K? All that worrying feels a little over the top now, doesn’t it? Chances are, most of our worries actually result in a huge negative impact on our day. If we can recall some silly worries from our past, maybe we can get some confidence that our current worries aren’t so bad.

6. Distract Yourself With Right Now

We don’t worry about the present, we worry about the future. If you start to worry outside of your scheduled worry time, then try distracting yourself with the now. Fight tomorrow’s problems tomorrow. Use today’s strength to focus on today.

7. Hand Over Your Worries

If you are religious, pray. Hand over your worries to God. If doing that makes you want to throw up in your mouth, hand your worries over to a spouse, friend, parent – anyone else. I am not suggesting you unload your burden on someone else. Just ask for help, guidance or a person to talk to.


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