Learn How To Develop Original Ideas

Would you like to learn research-backed strategies for generating—and recognizing—your most promising original ideas? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to identify individuals who can provide the most effective feedback on your original ideas? Don’t you think you can benefit from aligning your generosity with your skills and interests, all while avoiding burnout and advancing original ideas for social good?

Well, I have something for you.

Bestselling author Adam Grant is offering an online course through +Acumen that covers all these topics and more. Through approximately 1 hour of video content containing you’ll get a series of exercises that will enable you to apply research-grounded insights to your own work or life.

And the best part?

For 2 more days (until April 13th), this class is 90% off. Just $10.

Click here to learn more and see how you can develop more original ideas.

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