Here’s What North Carolina Would Tell Gonzaga

On Monday, I wrote about what I would tell North Carolina and Gonzaga in advance of their NCAA men’s basketball championship game.

On Tuesday, I wrote about what I would tell Gonzaga after falling to UNC in that game.

But now that I think about it, who cares what I would tell Gonzaga. It is easy for me to say how they should respond, but I don’t know what they are going through. You know who does?

North Carolina.

Just one year ago, UNC felt the exact same way as Gonzaga does this week. Stunned. Dejected. Crushed. The Tar Heels lost in the championship game on a last second shot by Villanova’s Kris Jenkins. Head coach Roy Williams called it one of the worst nights of his life. Forward Theo Pinson said he never wanted to feel like that again.

So what did Pinson do to make sure he didn’t feel that way again? Did he hide from the loss? Nope.

He made it his cell phone background.

Since last the loss to Villanova, Pinson’s cell phone background has featured a picture of him sitting in the locker room with a towel over his drooped head.

“You could try to act like you don’t remember last year, but you’ll be lying to yourself. … It definitely gives you extra drive of ‘We gotta finish it,’ ” Pinson told The New York Post.

I know I look at my screen saver every day since the tournament started, and it shows me the moment I felt after that game. I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. I don’t want that feeling ever again.”

Pinson didn’t run from the crushing pain he felt last year. He didn’t blame his coaches or the referees for his team coming up short.

He chose to use it as motivation.

So, if I had to guess what advice UNC would give to Gonzaga, I would suspect that they would tell the Bulldogs to find meaning in this obstacle.

Here’s why that works.


What Is A Tar Heel?

In case you couldn’t tell from the last two posts (here & here), I was following the NCAA men’s basketball championship game quite closely. The game was an exciting contest that left me with two questions:

  1. Will Gonzaga be able to make it back to a Final Four sometime soon?
  2. What is a Tar Heel (North Carolina’s mascot)?

The first question won’t be answered for months or possibly years. The second one should be easier to figure out. Let’s find out the answer in today’s edition of Wonder Why Wednesday.

What is a Tar Heel?

For the answer, let’s turn right to the source: The University of North Carolina website. Here is what they have to say:

Our nickname, which also applies to North Carolina citizens, has at least two possible origins. One story hails back to the Revolutionary War and the troops of British General Cornwallis. After fording a river in eastern North Carolina, the British troops discovered their feet covered with tar, a product of North Carolina’s abundant pine trees and one of the state’s most important exports at the time. Some say the clever North Carolinians dumped it in the river to slow down the invading army. The British were said to have observed that if you waded in North Carolina rivers, you would get tar on your heels.

Another story comes from the Civil War. A group of North Carolina soldiers scolded their comrades for leaving the battlefield when things got tough. The soldiers threatened to stick tar on the heels of the retreating soldiers to help them stay in the battle. General Robert E. Lee is said to have commented “God bless the Tar Heel boys!” Whatever the reason for the moniker, our students and sports teams have long worn it with pride.”

Okay, so maybe this isn’t any easier to answer than the question of when Gonzaga will make another Final Four.

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