Things We Choose

On Tuesday, the NBA held their Draft Lottery. This is the process the league uses determine the order of the draft. The event features ping pong balls, anxious teenagers and constant suspicion that someone is up to something. Not unlike a college frat party.

The worse the team is, the more likely they are to receive a good draft pick. But overall, they do not get to choose where in the draft order they get to pick. And keeping with the theme of not being able to choose, the draft prospects do not get to decide which team picks them.

Markelle Fultz, generally thought of as the best player available, does not get to choose whether the Boston Celtics, the team with the first pick, draft him. He does not get to choose where he is living never year (although he will be making enough money that he will be able to live in lots of different places).

Fans of NBA teams do not get to choose who their franchise selects. I may want the Suns to draft Przemek Karnowski, but I have no say in that.

So the teams do not get to choose where they pick, players do not get to choose who picks them and fans do not get to choose who their team picks.

Makes you start to think that we do not get to choose anything these days. If that is what you think (and not just about the NBA Draft), here’s a reminder that there are, in fact, many things we get to choose. Here are just a few…

We chose to be mad.

We choose to give up.

We choose to waste time.

We choose to stop learning.

We choose to hold a grudge.

We choose to worry too much.

We choose to listen to the negative voices.

We choose to bite off more than we can chew.

We choose to think we need to control everything.

We choose to think that we have no control over anything.


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