May Recap

In case you missed a post or two this month, here’s a quick recap of what I wrote about during the month of May:

Questions I Asked –

Why Do We Say “Jump on the Bandwagon”? – According to, we have the circus to thank for the word bandwagon. But is the circus the reason for the full phrase?

Does Writer’s Block Exist? – This question isn’t so easy to answer.

What is The Origin Of The Term ‘Cake Walk’ – You will be very surprised by what you learn in this Wonder Why Wednesday.

Why Do Schools Have Summer Break?Better question, why doesn’t every organization get to take a couple of months off between June and August?

Things We Learned –

Making a decision is just the beginning – Maybe the decision (while important) is not the end credits. Maybe it is the opening scene. Here’s why.

The worst time to ask for something – This is something I learned while driving recently.

What podcasts I listen to – There are 12 and I rank them in order of the Adam Baker podcast ranking system.

There are some things we get to chooseHere is one list of things we get to choose. Here is another.

Things We See Clear In Retrospect – Stephen King says there are two things we see clearly after the fact. Find out what they are.

Fun With Numbers –

5 Things We Can Learn From Podcasts – #3 is my favorite

5 Good Things – Looking for a little pick me up? Here are 5 good things going on in our world.

10 Habits To Change Your Life for the Better – Travis Bradberry explains that if we want a more meaningful and fulfilling life, we can start by pointing our compass towards ten habits. They include things that may seem obvious — like avoiding people who ruin our lives. Some  may be new — like realizing perfection may be a total mirage.

5 Regrets of the Dying – This is a very important list. Please check it out.


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