If Only I Would’ve Started Earlier

A client once gave me the task of reading through all the reviews of their products. No, they didn’t want to show off with how many five stars they had received. They wanted me to search through the reviews and mark which ones would be helpful to others who were looking to buy their basketball DVDs and training videos.

Shortly into doing this, I noticed a trend in the comments.

I only wish I had the information before our first practice this season.”


What an awesome product. I just wish that this would have been out a year or so ago.”

So many of the reviews mentioned the desire to have known of the product earlier or the wish to have started implementing the strategies sooner. A bunch of the comments said that if only they would have started at an earlier time, the team would be so much further along.

This lamenting or type of regret is a common feeling. I know that I am guilty of this myself. We see how much better off we would be if we just started yesterday. Or the day before that. Or last year. Imagine how much better we would be if we could only go back in time and tell ourselves to start sooner.

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about it now.

Or is there?

Make this the year you start. And based on yesterday’s post, maybe you don’t worry about how far along into the year we are. Maybe it is building a new business, building a better resume or building a stronger family. Whatever it is you want to start, start today. Don’t wait around only to find yourself a year from now saying, “I just wish I would have started earlier.”


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