Who Wants To Help?

I am working on a new Maury C. Moose book and I need your help. Specifically, I need help from 3rd-5th grade kids.

Do you know anyone in this age range? You do? Great. Ask them these questions:

  • Would they be interested in receiving a sneak peek of a story no other readers will get to see yet?
  • Do they want to help shape a new children’s book?
  • Are they just so bored that they will agree to anything?

If they answered yes to any of those questions, I would love their help. Send me an email to adam(at)maurycmoose.com or post a comment in the section below and I will give you more information.

This is a great way to have your child learn about the book writing process and at the same time make the next Maury C. Moose book the best it can be.



2 thoughts on “Who Wants To Help?

    1. Hi Logan. I would love to have your daughter be a part of this project. What is the best email address to reach you? I can send you more information.

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