One Thing To Add To Yesterday’s Post

Yesterday I wrote about former NBA player Stephen Jackson’s decision that ultimately won him a championship. If you have not read it, you can do so here.

After I wrote the post I started thinking. It is great to make a sacrifice to help you achieve a goal. That is difficult. But the next step can be even more difficult.

Sticking with it.

Let’s again use the example of Stephen Jackson. He gave up smoking weed during the season and it brought him a title. Guess what he didn’t do again during the remaining 10 years of his NBA career?

Win another title.

If you guessed gave up smoking weed during the season you are right, too. Jackson admitted he didn’t always give up weed during the season, which is why it is no surprise that he didn’t last more than two seasons in San Antonio and never won another title.

I am not critiquing Jackson here. He had a very successful NBA career. He played for 13 seasons and made over $68 million dollars. My point is that it can be difficult to stick with our sacrifices. Most of us can only last so long. We do great passing up the extra slice of pizza in the midst of our weight loss challenge, only to find ourselves scarfing down the pepperonis and packing the pounds back on months later.

Sacrificing something is hard. Sticking with it is way harder. Don’t believe me? Just ask Stephen Jackson. He is probably very happy with how his NBA career played out, but who knows, if he would have given up weed his entire career maybe he would have stuck with the Spurs longer and won another title or two.


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