July Recap

In case you missed a post or two this month, here’s a quick recap of what I wrote about during the month of July:

Questions I Asked –

Why Do We Say “Cup of Joe”? – Everyone has heard of a cup of Joe, but who knows where that phrase came from? Who is this legendary Joe?

Why Is 1000 Called A Grand?According to Word Detective, the use of “grand” in reference to money dates back to around 1915. It came from American underworld slang, as in a grand sum of money.

What Are Nooks and Crannies? – Have you ever searched all around your house looking for something? Perhaps you lost your keys or your wallet. Did you turn over the entire house? Did you look in every nook and cranny? Now you can learn what those are.

How To Pronounce GIF? – WARNING: This post is going to expose how non-tech savvy I am. If you want to continue to picture me as someone who is smart and knows a lot about technology, you might want to stop reading.

Things We Learned –

Something To Know If You Can’t Get Your Dream Job – Let’s learn a lesson from one of the top basketball coaches in the country.

If you are tried here is what you need to doRead this

What the one coin loophole is – In this world where bigger is better, it is important to be reminded that even the smallest actions have meaning.

Another Example Of Great Writing – This comes from an awesome book about building resilience.

What one NBA player gave up to win a championship – Spoiler alert…it is drugs. Now, do you want to read the post?

One more thing about the post above – Find out what is even harder than giving up drugs.

Why We Need to Relax Like Roger Federer – This post combines two of my favorite things.

Fun With Numbers –

5 Good Things – Read this if you need a pick-me-up.

5 Things We Can Learn From Seat Belts – The great thing about learning is that it is not confined to certain times or locations. Learning can happen anytime, anywhere. I like to highlight this fact by, once a month, looking at things we encounter on a daily basis and seeing what important lesson we can from them.

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