3 Ways to Avoid Decision Quicksand

I am the Peyton Manning of making decisions. Not because I am a record setting, future Hall of Famer, but because of how long it takes to get things in motion. Like Manning switching plays at the line of scrimmage, just barely beating the play-clock, I constantly change my mind and take way too much time to make even the smallest of choices.

What should I order from the menu? What clothes should I wear in the morning? You’d think those choices would be easy given that I only like about 5 different foods and I only own about 5 different shirts, but somehow those tiny decisions can take forever.

In today’s edition of I Wish I Wrote It, author Jonah Berger takes a look at why these trivial decisions can take so much time. Berger calls this phenomenon “Decision Quicksand” and explains just how common it really is.

Luckily for us, Berger outlines 3 ways that we can avoid this pitfall. Check it out here.

3 Ways to Avoid Decision Quicksand

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