Life is Tough & So Are You

When was the last time you really wanted something to happen and then poof, without any effort, that exact thing happened?

Say you needed some extra cash and next thing you know you open your front door to find a bag with a large dollar sign and it is filled with hundred dollar bills.

I don’t know about you, but this has never happened to me. Maybe this stuff happens in movies, but in real life things take work.

In the Bible, Hebrews 12:11-13 says, “At the time, all discipline seems a cause not for joy but for pain, yet later it brings the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who are trained by it. So strengthen your drooping hands and your weak knees. Make straight paths for your feet that what is lame may not be dislocated but healed.”

This is one of those things in the Bible that I read and think, ‘why did it have to say that?’ Come on Hebrews, wouldn’t it have been easier to just say ‘everything can come easy, just say this super secret prayer.’

But alas, there is no super secret prayer that helps us find a giant bag of money. Adding to your bank account takes work.

A big part of that work mean setting ourselves up to succeed. We must “strengthen our drooping hands and knees” and “make straight paths for our feet.”

In the case of money, we can do this by creating a budget with the money we already have or by improving the skills that we have in order to become more valuable to a current or future employer.

I know this probably doesn’t sound like fun, but like Hebrews says, no discipline seems pleasant at the time, but later it will lead to a harvest.

Just remember, life it tough, and so are you.

That being said, I still wish there was some super secret prayer that could help us find a giant bag of cash!