13 Signs That You Are Wasting Time

If wasting time was an Olympic event, how many of you think you might be able to win a gold medal?

Often I think I could.

We don’t do it on purpose. It just happens.

One minute we are sitting at our desk ready to conquer the world, and the next minute it is 10pm and we can’t stop yawning.

We all want to be productive, don’t we?

We buy organizers and apps that keep us on task, yet every so often we feel like the day has gotten away from us and we haven’t accomplished anything.

How does that happen? Where does the time go?

We know the answers to those questions, but we hate to admit them. For those of you who wonder where the time goes, I have put together a list of 13 signs that your time is being wasted.

13 Signs That You Are Wasting Time copy(Not that I have done any of these or anything…)

1. You’ve eaten all of your Thin Mints and you are sitting on the couch waiting for Girl Scouts to knock on your door.

2. You are watching the same SportsCenter for the 3rd straight time.

3. You are using your To-Do-List as a coaster.

4. It is noon & you are still in your pajamas (and you are older than 12 years old).

5. You catch yourself wondering, “Is this a waste of time?”

6. You’ve already seen all of the videos YouTube has recommended for you.

7. You’ve refreshed Twitter so frequently that there has not been a single new tweet.

8. You are speaking into your desk fan, trying to do the Darth Vader voice.

9.  You’ve Googled “1985-1992 World Series box scores.”

10. You are “multitasking” so much that you can’t remember your initial task.

11. You’ve already seen the current episode of The Price is Right (but you are watching it anyway).

12. You are throwing M&M’s into the air and catching them in your mouth, trying to break your record of 11 in a row.

13. WiiSports is telling you to go outside.

Wii copy