How Dave Ramsey Can Keep You Out Of Jail

You know you’ve been listening to Dave Ramsey when you see a TP’d house and your first thought is “what a waste of $20.”

Driving in my neighborhood, I came across a front yard that was covered in toilet paper (picture below). Upon seeing this, I didn’t initially think of the vandalism or the poor people who would have to clean up the mess. My first thought was of budgeting.

I sure hope that whoever did this, also factored the cost into their toilet paper budget.

Should I find it odd that I am more concerned that they stick to their budget than whether or not they commit a crime?

I have Dave Ramsey to thank for this. Ramsey, a bestselling author and national radio host, preaches financial responsibility. He helps thousands of people work their way out of debt by encouraging them create, and follow, a strict budget.

I guess it is a sign that I have been listening to Dave and I have received his message loud and clear.

I would recommend that those vandals visit Who knows, it may help them stay out of jail by simply spending their money more wisely.