Sweeping The Dirt

The other day I went for a jog around my neighborhood. As I approached a house on the corner of the street, I spotted something odd. A little old lady was in her pajamas sweeping the dirt in her front yard.

I know what you are thinking and yes, I worded that correctly. She wasn’t sweeping dirt off of her patio. She was sweeping dirt off of her dirt. She had a broom and was sweeping dirt from one end of her yard to the other. Her being in her pajamas in the middle of the day was the least odd thing about the whole scenario.

Seeing this, my first thought was, “why is she sweeping her dirt?” My second thought was, “should I be sweeping my dirt? I have plenty of dirt and I don’t know if it has ever been swept.”

Her entire front yard, while not very big, was exclusively dirt, so I imagined that she was going to be there awhile. Confused, I picked up the pace a little and continued my jog.

On my loop back home, I jogged by the same house and the little old lady was still out front tending to her dirt. Only now, the broom had been replaced by a hose. She had stopped sweeping the dirt and had started watering it.

The dirt, nicely swept and watered, started to make some sense. I am no horticulturalists, but I bet she was planting something.

Or maybe she is just crazy. Who really knows? I guess I will have to jog by that house again in a few months and see how it looks.

The point is, she was working on something and she was working hard. I couldn’t quite understand what she was doing or why, but that didn’t matter to her. She kept right on going and had a goal in mind. And with a little progress, the picture started to become a little clearer.

To others, our dreams may not make sense in the beginning. When they only see snippets of our work, it may seem like we are sweeping dirt off of dirt. Not everyone one is going to understand what we are doing or why we are doing it. Or why we are in our pajamas.

But with enough hard work, our efforts will start to make sense to those around us. Don’t believe me? I know a little old lady who I would like to introduce you too.