Can Your Mom Make You More Creative?

Studies have found that children are more creative when they are near their mother. Psychologist Donald W. Winnicott observed children playing games and noticed that those playing in close proximity to their mothers display higher levels of creativity than the ones who are father away.

He deemed this comfort zone as the circle of creativity – a place in which kids feel safe which allows them to try new things, take risks and fall down but get right back up.

As we get older, our circle of creativity is no longer tied to a physical location. However, that doesn’t mean it vanishes. We may not need our mom right beside, but we can still feel secure and safe in her presence after a quick phone call or a text message. And when we feel safe, we are likely to be more creative.

So, next time you are looking to become more creative, you might just want to give your mom a call.




HT to Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar