How To Pronounce GIF?

WARNING: This post is going to expose how non-tech savvy I am. If you want to continue to picture me as someone who is smart and knows a lot about technology, you might want to stop reading.

Have you ever seen a GIF? Maybe you didn’t know it was called a gif, but I am sure you’ve seen one. Perhaps it was on the internet. It is one of those moving picture thingys. No, not like a Casablanca. It is like an image that moves? No, not like the portraits of dead people in Harry Potter.

It is a picture that moves. At least that is how Yahoo Answers defines it:

A GIF is a picture format that can hold multiple frames, thus creating a slideshow or animation. GIF stands for ‘Graphic Interchange Format’.”

Okay, so now we know what it is, but how do I pronounce it? I have heard both jif like the peanut butter and gif like first half of Kathy Lee’s last name. Let’s settle this once and for all in today’s edition of Wonder Why Wednesday…

How To Pronounce GIF?

Jif, like the peanut butter. Why, you ask. Because that is what Steve Wilhite, the person responsible for creating Graphics Interchange Format, or GIFs, while working for Compuserve in 1987, says.

Good enough for me.