Top 10 Lines from Kid President’s Teacher Pep Talk

As I have discussed in a previous post, I love the work that Kid President and his team are doing. The videos that they create are not only hilarious, but they are inspiring. I look forward to every Thursday when they come out with a new one.

Kid President has outdone himself with his latest video. He has created another pep talk, this time directing it to teachers and students. I was so impressed with this video that it motivated me to share it with you. The video is below, but first I would like to highlight what I think are the top 10 lines from his message.

10) “The worlds greatest thinkers…put their pants on one leg at a time, just like me.”

If you are like me, you often think that you can never keep up with the greatest or most successful people in the world. They must know something that I don’t, right? Wrong. As Kid President notes, they put their pants on just like we do. What makes them special is that once their pants are on, they make a difference. And there is nothing stopping us from doing the same.

9) “Don’t be a bully. Even to the bullies.”

This one is simple yet important. Be nice to everyone. Even those bullies who don’t treat us with respect, still deserve kindness from us.

8) “Life is school and you gotta show up.”

If you don’t show up to school, you won’t get good grades. If you don’t show up to life, the consequences will be even worse. Even if you don’t know what to do in life, show up and you will be surprised with the difference you can make.

7) “You here. You take up space. You matter.”

Much like #8, this reminds us that just by being here we matter. We all take up space. Imagine how great things would be if we used that space to make the world more awesome.

6) “Read a book, any book.”

Take a break from watching Honey Boo Boo or Breaking Bad and open a book. You will let you imagination grow with each turn of the page.

5) “Time to be more awesome.”

Kid President is a young kid, but he knows that it is his time to be more awesome. He didn’t wait until he was an adult to try and get people to listen to him. Now is the perfect time for us all to be more awesome.

4) “We can’t just study history, we’ve got to make history.”

I love this line because he follows it up with reassuring us that “history is made by ordinary people.” We should take the things we’ve learned to make our own history. Even Martin Luther King Jr. and Albert Einstein started out as ordinary people.

3) “Look for the awesome.”

There is awesome in every situation. We just have to look for it.

2) “If you want to change the world, you gotta know about it.”

Take time to study the world around you. Ask questions and seek answers to those questions. Grow your mind and you will grow your influence.

1) “Together, we’re louder.”

Kid President has a great message that is made even more powerful when people across the world share it with one another. No matter what the subject is, together we can make more of a difference than any of us can individually. As Kid President mentions, share this video with a teacher you love. “It’s time to get our learn on.”

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Kid President

Napoleon Bonaparte said, “A leader is a dealer in hope.”

For years, when someone said the word leader, they were probably referring to an old white guy. But hope can come in all shapes and sizes.

One of my favorite leaders, Kid President, deals hope via YouTube.

Kid President is just 10 years old, but he has already inspired millions of people across the world through his weekly videos. He loves to dance and is on a mission to make the world less boring.

The wisdom and positivity that comes from such a young person is amazing. When I was 10, I was too shy to dance, and too busy playing Game Boy to worry about making the world a better place.

Even though I am nearly three times his age, I look up to Kid President.

Using Kid President as motivation, I hope that my blog helps make the world more awesome.

Below is a video that KP made in which he gives the world a much needed pep talk. I’ve watched it dozens of times and every time I see it I get motivated to do more with my life.

Thanks Kid President! Today, and everyday, I am very thankful for you.