A couple of weeks ago, I had a bad case of writer’s block and I couldn’t think of anything to write. Instead of forcing words on the page, I decided to come up with a silly rhyme.

I had a lot of fun making that rhyme and I hope to feature more rhymes on this blog in the future.

As I worked on my rhyme I got to thinking about how some words are easy to rhyme. Take the word rhyme for instance: dime, chime & time are all words that quickly come to mind when thinking of rhyme rhymes.

That made me wonder…are there any words without a rhyme?

As I tried to think of words without a rhyme, my mind drew a blank. Every word I came up with had a rhyme. Crazy – lazy. Arm – charm. That was until nothing came to mind. Literally, the word nothing. I guess you could say bluffing or tuffing, but do those really count?

Here’s what I found:

Much to my surprise, there are actually many words that do not have a rhyme. They are called refractory rhymes.

Wikipedia has a whole list of them.

They include words like: bulb, wolf, iron & scarce. And guess what? Nothing is on the list too. How about that?

After seeing this list of refractory rhymes, all I can think about is trying to find rhymes for words like penguin, polka and luggage.