End of Rhyme Week Rhyme

It’s my last Rhyme Week post & I don’t mean to boast, but I am really quite happy today!

It may seed kinda bizarre that we’ve made it this far, and I think you deserve a hooray!

I never would have guessed, that I would be so blessed, to create such a fun website.

Time has flown by, and I would be telling a lie, if I said I didn’t love to write.

So I am grateful you’re reading, despite not ever needing, a silly site called Blog By Bake.

If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know what to do, it is you I have to sincerely thank!

Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed Rhyme Week!

Thankful Thursday Rhyme

Today I am thankful for rhyming,

Because it makes bland writing sound fun.

It’s a terrific twist to text,

That can be done by anyone.


There are many reasons to be thankful for rhymes,

For one, it gives words some spunk.

It is the word equivalent of Storage Wars,

Because it can make treasure out of junk.


Rhymes are enjoyable to read,

And also fun to write.

Rhyming is so great at breaking bad writer’s block,

You could call them Walter White.


Some of the best rhymers are doctors,

Like Dr. Seuss or Dr. Dre.

They come up with such clever rhymes,

That stick in your head and never go away.


A rhyme can be defined,

As two words that sound the same.

Three rhymes in a row is a NBA Jam

Where you catch fire, like Hunger Games


Are you still skeptical about rhyming?

Still doubt you can have fun with words?

Just give it a try for yourself,

And you will have more fun than playing Angry Birds


I guess I’ve said enough good things about rhymes

But for all these reason and many more,

I hope you get my point,

That it is rhyming I am thankful for.

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Wonder Why Wednesday Rhyme

Today I wondered just how many words rhyme with rhyme.

But I thought if looked it up it would take too much time.

Luckily a book made it simple and in no time I was done.

The Complete Rhyming Dictionary gave me the answer of 61.

Who knew there were 61 words that are true rhymes with rhyme.

There are many words to choose from, like climb, slime, or grime.

I found the answer so fast, this Wonder Why Wednesday is done.

It was over so quickly I didn’t even have a chance to throw in a pun.

Since this post was finished so soon, I won’t get paid for overtime.

But I guess I never get paid at all, I never see a dime.

Imagine if I got paid per rhyme, this week I’d make a ton.

Unless you think that rhymes are lame and this week is overdone.

I really should stop now since I know about many words rhyme with rhyme.

In case you forgot, the answer is 61.

(Wait a minute that last set didn’t even rhyme! Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention)

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Rhyme Week – Blog by Bake

This week is called Rhyme Week on Blog by Bake,

And you might be thinking, jeez how gimmicky a blog can this guy make?

He can’t seriously think we would want a week of rhymes, its got to be a mistake.

I can just hear another one coming and it sounds scarier than a rattlesnake.

If he doesn’t stop soon he will give us a headache.

Seriously all these rhymes are more than we can take.

But I guess they are not all bad, maybe we should give him a break.

I will give Rhyme Week a chance and stop my bellyache.

Plus he is delivering on his promise of a week full of rhymes, so at least he’s not fake.

And rhyming all week has got to be a difficult task to undertake.

Instead of badmouthing him, I think he deserves a nice handshake.

In fact I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s, which I’ll read as soon as I wake.

And to see if he’s added more rhymes, I will check for a new post during my lunch break.

A rhyme would go well with my strawberry shortcake.

Turns out this week is better than winning Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.

It has got me thinking all night about rhymes, as I lie awake.

It is kind of contagious, it is like a rhyming outbreak.

I just can’t get enough, give me more for goodness sake.

Turns out I really love Rhyme Week on Blog by Bake.

Rhyme Week

I am going to start off this post by letting you all know that this week I will be using performance enhancements. Not only did I figure it would be my only chance at being compared to some of the best baseball sluggers of all time, but I thought it was better to be honest and admit it upfront since you will be skeptical when you see how great my posts are this week.

Confused? Let me explain…

Recently my mom gave me a book titled, The Complete Rhyming Dictionary. She either gave it to me as a nice gift or as a subtle hint that my rhymes need a little work. Whatever the reason, I thought I would get some use out of this book and see if I can do an entire week’s worth of posts in rhyme. Sound impossible? We will find out in no time. (rhyme 1, check!)

The rest of this week on Blog by Bake will be known as Rhyme Week. And like I said, I will be using The Complete Rhyming Dictionary to enhance my performance. So if you don’t like the rhymes, don’t blame me, blame the book’s editor Clement Wood.

Just kidding, don’t blame Clement, I’m sure he’s a swell guy.

And away we go…

One segment on this blog is the Memory Monday post.

It is when I write about myself, but I do it not to boast.

It is a time to look at my history and try to learn something from my past.

But my life is sometimes boring, so who knows how long this feature will last.

The posts aren’t always exciting or drama filled like on Glee.

They are simply just something that comes from my memory.

I’ve discussed competitive eating and a game of Wiffle Ball.

I’ll talk about all the smart and dumb things I’ve done, anything I can recall.

Who knows what you will get out of my tales or what lessons you will learn.

But instead of me sharing all the stories, I think you should have a turn.

Recall your most memorable story, like when you got the high score on Frogger.

And let me know in the comments below if you’d like to share it and be a guest blogger.

Well that’s enough for now, I hope this posts is a good sneak peek.

Of what you will encounter for the rest of Rhyme Week!