No Topic Rhyme

I have many words inside my head, but nothing to write about.

I don’t have a writing topic in mind, so it is a theme I am left without.

I can’t imagine I’ve covered every issue, since I haven’t been blogging for many days.

But here I am, stuck in a rut, and my writing keeps finding delays.

Should I write about planning for the future, or should I spend more time on the past.

Without an answer to those questions, this blog will surely never last.

Where can I look for more topics? Where do all the great ideas hide?

I guess I could do a Google search, I bet millions of links that would provide.

But I want to be original, and I don’t want to copy anyone’s work.

Maybe I should write about pop culture, but who cares what I have to say about Miley Cyrus’ twerk?

To fix this problem I’ll ask my readers, and see if they can help me out.

Post in the comments section below any topic you want me to write about!

Blog Reader Rhyme

A blog reader is someone who knows exactly what they want.

They want fun and exciting content, as well as a readable font.

A blog reader wants substance and something with some style.

Give them a clever story to read and they might choose to stay for awhile.

A blog reader doesn’t want big words like expialidocious.

They enjoy pictures about food as long as it is nothing atrocious.

A blog reader is very smart and doesn’t fall for silly quirks.

They have great comments and feedback, always letting you know what works.

This knowledge of blog readers is available for all other bloggers to take.

But know that the best blog readers are ones who follow Blog By Bake.


A couple of weeks ago, I had a bad case of writer’s block and I couldn’t think of anything to write. Instead of forcing words on the page, I decided to come up with a silly rhyme.

I had a lot of fun making that rhyme and I hope to feature more rhymes on this blog in the future.

As I worked on my rhyme I got to thinking about how some words are easy to rhyme. Take the word rhyme for instance: dime, chime & time are all words that quickly come to mind when thinking of rhyme rhymes.

That made me wonder…are there any words without a rhyme?

As I tried to think of words without a rhyme, my mind drew a blank. Every word I came up with had a rhyme. Crazy – lazy. Arm – charm. That was until nothing came to mind. Literally, the word nothing. I guess you could say bluffing or tuffing, but do those really count?

Here’s what I found:

Much to my surprise, there are actually many words that do not have a rhyme. They are called refractory rhymes.

Wikipedia has a whole list of them.

They include words like: bulb, wolf, iron & scarce. And guess what? Nothing is on the list too. How about that?

After seeing this list of refractory rhymes, all I can think about is trying to find rhymes for words like penguin, polka and luggage.

Writer’s Block Rhyme

I sit here with my notebook, trying to think of something to write.

But I can’t find the words, despite trying with all of my might.

I want to post something clever, like an old story my readers have enjoyed.

Instead my page stays blank and I begin to become annoyed.

I guess this is writer’s block, when you just don’t know what to say

It is as if I’ve used up all my words, and I have none left for today.

A blog is not good without words, at least that is what I’ve been told.

I could try to start a new trend, but a wordless website seems a little too bold.

What would we do without Blog By Bake, it would be utter devastation.

Where would we get goofy posts, featuring way too much alliteration?

How could this ever happen to a writer so young and new?

If I can’t think of what to write, whatever will I do?

So instead of forcing words on the page and wasting everyone’s time,

I have decided to take a different approach and I’ve come up with this writer’s block rhyme.