What Would We Do Without Spell Check?

For today’s Thankful Thursday I would like to talk about something that has become a great invention we can’t live without, but at the same time it is making me dumber.  And no, I am not talking about Honey Boo Boo.

Today I am thankful for spell check.

You see, I initially write each of my blog posts by pen into a notebook.  And as you may know, they have yet to come up with a notebook that corrects your spelling for you.  Come on Five Star (more like one star).  While writing these posts, I am constantly misspelling words.  Often, when I reread the posts, I can’t even guess at what I was trying to spell.  The other day I wrote “eggotasticul.”  When I wrote that, I was either really hungry for some waffles or I was trying to spell egotistical (or maybe both).

But I am not bothered by my bad spelling because I know that before I post it to the blog, spell check will have a look at it and catch all my mistakes.  Instead of trying to become a better speller, I am taking the easy way out and shifting more work onto spell check.  Sure, I could learn to spell words correctly, but why do that when I can let the computer fix it for me?

So thank you spell check.  Thanks for fixing my spelling and making me dumber.