5 More Strange But True Facts

1. You are more likely to die from a coconut than from a shark. — I can’t wait for Discovery Channel’s Coconut Week.

2. Michael J. Fox’s middle name is Andrew. — I am not great at spelling, but that seems like the wrong letter.

3. The $10 bill in the Cook Islands, a nation in the South Pacific, features a topless woman riding a shark. — Apparently the Cook Islands let 13-year-old boys design their money.

4. According to the Human Genome Project, human beings are 99.5% genetically identical. — I think I am going to call the Phoenix Suns and see if they want to sign a 31-year-old who is just 0.5% away from being LeBron James.

5. A dollar bill can contain at least 3,000 different microbes of bacteria. — Which means I have about 1,000,000 microbes in my bank account right now!

10 More Strange But True Facts

1. China has an Elderly Rights Law which requires children to visit their parents frequently, no matter how far away they live. Children who don’t comply face fines or jail time. I don’t think America has the same law, but it does have a similar punishment. Children face receiving the following text from their mom…

home emojihome emoji??? airplane emojiairplane emoji???heart emojiheart emoji???

2. A popular cigarette advertisement once proclaimed, “Give your throat a vacation…smoke a fresh cigarette.” Really? The only explanation I can think of as to how they came up with that is that their computer auto-corrected the word cancer to vacation.

3. More Monopoly money is printed than real money each year. I am still looking into whether or not a certain board game leads the world in production of mouse traps.

4. An adult human being is made up of around 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms. Make that +1 for me.

5. Flowers can grow faster when listening to music…except when they listen to Billy Joel’s “Only The Good Die Young.”

6. Ladybugs bleed from their knees when threatened. This creates a repulsive mix of vile, ooze and alkaloids which scares predators away. I don’t bleed or ooze that often, but I tend to have the same effect on the ladies.

7. If you were driving 60 mph in a car, it would take 271 years and 221 days to get to Mars from Earth. Also, you would never get there because, well, space.

8. Books used to be chained to shelves in libraries, in order to prevent stealing. Eventually libraries realized that was silly and improved their theft prevention program to the overweight, past his prime security guard who spends most of the day sleeping in the Reference section.

9. Cheetahs spend up to 18 hours a day sleeping. And the rest of the day fasting…get it…fasting.

10. Disney’s Goofy was originally called “Dippy Dawg.” Sounds like something you would order at Sonic.

10 More Strange But True Facts

1. 3 billion Pez bricks are consumed annually in the United States. That is almost as many bricks as you’ll find at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

2. Until 1988, passports in England included physical descriptions of distinguishing features. I bet Jim with the big nose and Cindy with the weird thing on her neck were happy about that.

3. Issac Newton’s original name for calculus was “the science of fluents and fluxions.” I’m guessing Newton would have been a big fan of the movie Flubber.

4. Graham crackers were invented by Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham as a health food used to curb one’s sexual appetite. Makes you think of s’mores in a whole new light.

5. Tears from sadness contain actual toxins that tears of joy do not. I am not sure if that makes me want to smile or if it scares the heck out of me.

6. Back in the 1800’s, a gentleman would propose by sending his loved one a pair of new gloves. If she wore these gloves to church on the next Sunday, this signified her acceptance. And if she didn’t wear them to church, I assume the guy would run out and buy some graham crackers.

7. In Wales, a man would propose by carving a wooden spoon and giving it to his girlfriend. If she wore the spoon on a ribbon around her neck, this constituted her acceptance of his proposal. Seems like it would be easier just to ask her in person.

8. A flea’s main source of food is something called blood meal. That is the most terrifying thing I’ve learned since I found out that we cry poison when we are sad.

9. Albert Einstein’s eyeballs are stored in a safe deposit box in New York City. Do I hear plot for National Treasure 4???

10. Arizona has a law that states that donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs. I am sure there is a Trump or Hillary joke in there somewhere. Give me you best joke in the comments section below.