How Much Does a Super Bowl Commercial Cost?

The Super Bowl is this weekend and there are many storylines associated with the big game.

Will Peyton Manning win his second championship?

Will Richard Sherman have another crazy post game interview?

What will the weather be like?

But there is one storyline that often dominates the game, regardless of the teams playing…

The commercials.

Super Bowl commercials have the reputation of being the best you will see all year. Big companies pull out all the stops to make memorable ads.

And they have to because the commercials cost so much money.

In anticipation of the big game, I started to wonder how much this year’s commercials cost.

Business Week not only answered that question for me, but they also created awesome charts to explain the Super Bowl ad insanity.

According to their report, the average 30-second commercial at this year’s Super Bowl costs $4 million.

That is $133,333.33 per second.

And what’s more, the story predicts that the cost will escalate to $5 million and even $10 million in the not so distant future.

The charts are a fascinating look at how far the price of a Super Bowl ad has come in the past 40 years.

The article explains that the high price comes from the 100+ million viewers that will take in the game as well as the fact that often, the audience levels for the commercials are actually higher than the on-field play itself.

So that makes me wonder, is the crazy high price worth it?

The Business Week article seems to think it so.

They say that when considering the high number of people watching, the cost is similar to typical TV advertising. Plus you get all the other publicity that surrounds people taking about the commercials.

Fox announced that they sold out of commercial time slots back in December.

So companies must also think it is worth it.

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