Thankful for the Super Bowl

I am thankful for the Super Bowl.

And not just because I enjoy football or because it has now filled two blog posts. But because of the creativity that surrounds the game.

Whether it is the funny commercials or the elaborate halftime show, some very innovative ideas can be found in one event.

Sometimes they are too extravagant and create controversy with wardrobe malfunctions, but more often than not they are a good look at just how imaginative people can be.

Where else do we get to see heartwarming commercials with horses that sell beer?  Or funny commercials with monkeys that offer financial services?

Most of the time the commercial has nothing to do with the product, like half naked women that sell domain names.  Maybe that is a good lesson that creating something unique and memorable is a major benefit when you have a product to show off.

So today (and Sunday) I am thankful for the Super Bowl. Who knows what inspiration we might gain from it?

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