Think About & Thank About

While reading the book The Secret, I came across the following quote by author/educator John Demartini, “Whatever we think about and thank about we bring about.”

Since I typically express my thanks on Thursdays I thought this quote was appropriate to share today.

Many of us believe that we must spend time thinking about our goals and dreams if we want to make them a reality. As we talked about in another post, nothing will come true unless we can think about it or dream about it first.

But Demartini highlights a subtle, yet vital, step to this process.

Adding gratitude into this mix allows us to truly appreciate the things that we expect to happen to us and said appreciation will lead to an increase in what we receive.

You may be focusing your thoughts on getting a raise at work. By visualizing the increased income you are likely to work harder and negotiate salary more efficiently to make it happen.

But what happens once you get the raise? Do you stop working as hard?

Showing gratitude for the raise reinforces the positivity of achieving your goal and focuses your thoughts on wanting to make it happen again and again.

Having appreciation for everything that is happening in and around you can have a huge effect on what you bring about.

If there is something in your life that you really want to happen, I encourage you to not only think about it, but thank about it.