Goldilocks Weather

This morning I had a very profound Thankful Thursday post all ready to go, but then something happened…

I went outside and instantly became thankful for something else.

I live in Arizona and for about 6 months of the year, going outside would not cause me to be thankful (except for maybe air conditioning). It would probably cause me to want to go back inside because it is too hot.

But today was different. The temperature was what I would call Goldilocks weather. There was a golden sun which caused that perfect combination of not too hot and not too cold. The conditions were just right!

As I mentioned, Arizona’s weather is brutal for roughly 6 months, but it is the other six months that remind me why I love living here. When most of the country is covered in snow, I get to wear shorts and flip flops.

So if you are wondering why my blog post is coming so late in the day, it is because I spent about 2 hours just sitting outside reading a book. The weather was too nice to be inside sitting in front of my computer.

Today I am thankful for Goldilocks weather. I am thankful for that feeling when the sun shines on your face and the weather outside is not too hot, not too cold, but just right!