Thankful For The Olympics

My brother and I have an ongoing debate over which Olympics is better, Summer or Winter.

He argues that the Winter Games contain more events that he looks forward to watching.

I contest that the Summer Olympics have all the best sports, thus making them the better Olympics.

Either way, both the Summer & Winter Olympics are very fun to watch. And I can’t be the only one to think that given the fact that NBC pays billions of dollars to broadcast the Games.

With the Winter Olympics starting tomorrow in Sochi, I thought I would spend this Thankful Thursday listing the reasons that I am thankful for the Winter Olympics.

Here they are in out first ever Thankful Thursday Top Ten…

Top 10 reasons I am thankful for the Winter Olympics

10. Morgan Freeman-voiced Visa commercials

9. They make me want to build a snowman

8. Curling

7. We get to see the “Miracle On Ice” clip any time USA Hockey plays

6. Cool opening ceremonies

5. There is always an event to watch on TV, no matter what time of day

4. Living in Arizona, it is the closest I will get to snow

3. We get to learn about a new sport like Freestyle Skiing

2. After a week, I feel I am qualified to be a judge for Freestyle Skiing

1. Makes me proud to be an American!

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