Kid President

Napoleon Bonaparte said, “A leader is a dealer in hope.”

For years, when someone said the word leader, they were probably referring to an old white guy. But hope can come in all shapes and sizes.

One of my favorite leaders, Kid President, deals hope via YouTube.

Kid President is just 10 years old, but he has already inspired millions of people across the world through his weekly videos. He loves to dance and is on a mission to make the world less boring.

The wisdom and positivity that comes from such a young person is amazing. When I was 10, I was too shy to dance, and too busy playing Game Boy to worry about making the world a better place.

Even though I am nearly three times his age, I look up to Kid President.

Using Kid President as motivation, I hope that my blog helps make the world more awesome.

Below is a video that KP made in which he gives the world a much needed pep talk. I’ve watched it dozens of times and every time I see it I get motivated to do more with my life.

Thanks Kid President! Today, and everyday, I am very thankful for you.