You Don’t Have To Be Boring

If you were to create a venn diagram of things that are “very important” and “very boring”, an airline’s pre-flight safety demonstration would be found in the intersection.

Venn DiagramAnyone who has flown knows what I am talking about. They are the monotonous instructions given by a flight attendance prior to take off. If I am not already asleep by that time, I am usually lulled to dreamland by someone on the PA system saying something about oxygen masks, flotation devices and emergency exits.

If you have never flown before, just picture the result of chores having a baby with waiting in line at the post office. Cabbage considers it boring.

Yet despite their dullness, they are actually kinda important. Some experts believe that, “up to 30 percent of the deaths in plane crashes are preventable if passengers know what to do.” And the best way for travelers to know what to do is via pre-flight instructions.

So how can someone make something so important less boring?


On a recent flight, I was all set to doze off when the pre-flight safety demonstration began. I turned to the window, lowered the shade and was ready to say goodnight to the world, when suddenly it sounded like Dr. Seuss was on the plane.

The flight attendant performed the entire routine in rhyme. It was catchy, informative and down right funny. Fir the first time in years, I remember paying attention to a flight attendant when he/she wasn’t offering me peanuts.

He even received a rousing ovation from the passengers. Clapping and air travel aren’t usually found together, unless you are Sully Sullenberger or you’re watching the movie Airplane.

This is a good lesson for us. Just because something has been boring for years, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.