This Is What Inspired Today’s Post About The Narrows

Every now and then I will get the following question:

Where do you come up with ideas for your blog posts?”

Sometimes it is said with appreciation — like how did you come up with that gem. Other times it is said with abomination — like what part of your brain is missing that made you come up with that dud.

In order to let the readers into the parts of my brain that are missing, I came up with an idea that will show how I came up with the idea for certain posts.

On certain days I will post two items. One will be the regular article, story or recap. The second will be an explanation about how the first post came about. I will try to break down where the idea originated, why I wanted to write about it and how it all came together.

Here’s what prompted me to create today’s post You Miss So Much If You Stop After The Beginning:

A couple of months ago, my girlfriend and I took at trip to The Narrows for her birthday. I knew little about the hike prior to going but it looked really cool. I researched it and found a couple things. It would probably be crowded and it would probably be hard.

I wasn’t worried though. My macho brain figured that I had to be far more qualified than most of the millions of people that did the hike each year. We weren’t going to need no stinking walking sticks or special equipment.

We got to the hike and it was packed. Right away, we noticed that most people were sticking around the beginning. We weren’t really sure why, so we took a few pictures and kept going.

It was about 5 minutes into the hike that I started getting cold. Then I got the first rock in my shoe. Then I got another one. Then I slipped.

Before I knew it, I thought that maybe those people staying at the beginning had the right idea.

But I knew this meant a lot to my girlfriend, so I kept going and tried to keep my complaining to a minimum. After a few hours, I was sore, bleeding (just a tiny cut, don’t worry mom), hungry and had to go to the bathroom. All I wanted was a hot shower and maybe some pancakes.

When we finally made it to Wall Street, I realized two things: first, it was worth the hard work. Seeing how happy my girlfriend was made all the pain worth it.

And second, there was hardly anyone around. It felt like we had the entire place to ourselves. Gone were the crowds.

It made think about the journey we take in other aspects of our lives. If you have ever started any kind of project you know what I am talking about.

You hear that the end is great, but somewhere along the way, you just want to quit and eat pancakes. The hope is that we will find a reason to keep going so we can get to the point where we will look around, see we are by ourselves and realize that it was all worth it.

So, that is how I came up with today’s post.