Are You Ready For Some Football?

Tonight marks the beginning of the NFL season, as defending champion Denver Broncos hosts the Carolina Panthers in a rematch of Super Bowl 50. With a blank slate, fans of all 30 teams have that glimmer of hope in their eyes. Hope just may carry them to February 5, 2017, at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, the site of Super Bowl LI (is it just me or would Super Bowl LI make a great name for a movie starring Jet Li).

I am a football fan, a fact that often comes through in my writing, and with the start of a fresh season, I thought it would make sense to highlight some of my football-related posts from the past few years. Enjoy…

What was the first NFL game ever played?

Who Was The First Ever NFL Draft Pick?

Why Do the Dallas Cowboys & Detroit Lions Always Play on Thanksgiving?

Where Did The Name Quarterback Come From?

Make Fear Look Like Peyton Manning

Thankful For The Super Bowl

3 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Some Football?

  1. Football is finally back!!! I’m so excited! Have my fantasy teams all drafted (do you play?) and I’m ready to cheer on my Packers!

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