February Recap

In case you missed a post or two this month, here’s a quick recap of what I wrote about during the month of February:

Questions I Asked –

Why Do We Say “Piece of Cake”? – Answer: Because cake is delicious and we should always be talking about it (kinda).

Why Does Stepping On A Lego Hurt So Much? – Before I looked this up, I expected the only results to say, “because they are hard and pointy, dummy.” Turns out I was right…but there is a little more science behind it.

Why Does Gum Lose Its Flavor? – Much like Pavlov’s dogs, the answer has to do with our saliva.

Things We Learned –

Why We Should Keep Making Anyway – Brad Montague, the creator of Kid President, is back with another excellent video. It is one you will not want to miss.

Another Reminder of Why I’m Thankful For Hollywood – Despite the fake noses, hairpieces, and boob jobs Hollywood will never be perfect. They may be able to create a utopian world, but if they think they can live in a world without mess ups, they are living in la la land.

What We Can Learn From Lady Gaga – Given that I go on dates about as often as there’s a lunar eclipse, I am probably not qualified to dish out relationship advice.

The Kind Of Love We Should All Be Looking For – There are many different ways that love has been expressed in pop culture. I’d like to suggest a new one.

How To Overcome Publishing Fears – Many times, I will read something online and immediately think, “that was great, I wish I wrote it.” I may not have written it, but I can still share it. Here’s the latest.

An Example of Great Writing From Norm MacDonald – In case you weren’t aware, Norm is a fantastic writer. Here’s an example of why.

Fun With Numbers –

5 Things We Can Learn From Gum – One dollar is good. One hundred dollars is much better. Doesn’t work that way for gum. Why not?

5 Lessons From My Hollywood Story – If you thought that post was to simply generate some Oscar buzz, you were mistaken (and you greatly over estimated the affect this blog has on award season).

5 Good Things – A reminder that not everything is rotten in our world.

Top 10 Lines From Stephen King’s On Writing – King wrote a book about writing called On Writing. It is really good. Here’s why.

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