Thankful For Kickstarter

As many of you know (and are probably sick of me mentioning), the Kickstarter campaign I ran for my book, Maury C. Moose and The Forest Noel, expired yesterday.

I am blessed to say that not only did I reach my goal, but I surpassed it and achieved 114% if my $5,000 target!

I couldn’t have done it without the support of my 89 backers, the countless number of people who helped spread the word and, last but not least, Kickstarter.

For today’s thankful Thursday, I am very thankful for Kickstarter!

Two months ago I knew very little about Kickstarter, but now it is something that has made a huge difference in my life as an aspiring author.

Kickstarter has not only helped me raise funding, but it as also helped me raise awareness for my book. Hundreds of people have viewed my project, watched my video and liked my Facebook page. This would not have happened without Kickstarter.

I could have made a book without Kickstarter. But it wouldn’t have been nearly as good and very few people would have known about it.

Thanks to Kickstarter, I have not only a renewed excitement for my book project, but also a new following to share that excitement with.

Many people are now looking forward to seeing the book come to life and I have Kickstarter to thank.

If anyone out there is reading this and on the fence about whether to start their own Kickstarter project or not, I definitely say go for it! You will not regret it.

And when you do start, send me the link and I will be the first in line to support you because I know how great the feeling of gaining a new backer feels.

6 thoughts on “Thankful For Kickstarter

  1. Hi Adam, I came across your kickstart project, and wanted to first of all congratulate you on reaching your goal… so CONGRATS YOU DID IT! I’d also like some advice as to what to do for my own kickstart project… I’d like to raise between 3,000 to 5,000.00 for a picture book that teaches active listening… it’s a funny story how I got to this point, but now that I have, I can’t stop! Can you give a gal a hand?

    1. Thanks Elsa! I think that is great that you are creating a picture book and I would definitely recommend moving forward with your Kickstarter project. Kickstarter has lots of helpful tips on their website. The biggest advice I would give is don’t be afraid to ask. The #1 reason people give money to any cause is because they were asked. Create a list of all your family, friends and anyone else you can think of that you want to tell about the project. And then tell them! Many people will be happy to give, but they need to know about it first. Inform anyone and everyone you can about what you are doing and ask them to spread the word on your behalf. A couple more tips would be to make a great video that shows who you are and what your project is all about. Be very descriptive about your project, how the money will be used and what motivated you to create the book. Hope this helps.

  2. By the way, I am currently living in Japan, but am originally from BLYTHE, CALIFORNIA. know that place between Phoenix and Palm Springs? that small spot in the desert? Yup, that’s my hometown.

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