Five Things We Can Learn From Holidays

In honor of Memorial Day, I have given a holiday twist to the latest installment of Five Things We Can Learn From Everyday Objects.

Today let’s take a look at holidays. Technically they are not objects, but let’s see what we can learn from these special days.

Five Things We Can Learn From Holidays:

1. Some Days Are More Special Than Others

A holiday, by definition, is a day on which normal activities are suspended or reduced. We hit the pause button at work so we can spend time with family. We ignore the everyday minutia and enjoy every minute of the day. We do everything we can to make the day special.

Think the rules for special days can only be applied holidays? Think again. We can take this same approach on all aspects of our lives. Try making a typical workday special by suspending stress and reducing rut.

2. Limits Lead to Value

Another reason holidays are special is that they are rare. There are only 10 National Holidays, which equals less than one per month. If we had a one every week, the power of a holiday would be significantly reduced.

Disney has taken advantage of this idea by creating the Disney Vault. Each Disney movie is only offered for purchase for a limited time, after which it is put “in the vault” and not sold for several years until it is once again released. Disney controls their market and keeps old movies fresh by placing limits to when they will be available.

3. It is Important To Reflect And Remember

Most holidays involve a person or an event from the past. We have holidays that celebrate teachers, trailblazers and turkeys. How we observe holidays may vary, but the common thread is that we honor these days by reflecting and remembering. Looking back into the past can help us see the difference made in our present.

Not everything in our past is something we want to remember. But that doesn’t mean we can ignore it. By reflecting and recalling our past (both successes and failures), we are more likely to see a better future.

4. The Power of One Day

The difference between a two-day weekend and a three-day weekend can feel like the difference between a hole in the ground and the Grand Canyon. That one extra day puts a smile on your face and changes Monday from a bad word to a day to celebrate. Amazing what an additional 24 hours can do for your self-esteem.

When we are working on our dream, time will be a tricky thing. We will either feel that we aren’t ready right now, or that we are already too late. Three-day vs two-day weekends show us how powerful one day can feel. We shouldn’t lose sight of the power of the hours that are right at our fingertips.

5. Take Time Off

Holidays let us take a break from work. In honor of that, I am letting you out early. Only 4 lessons today! Enjoy the day off and have a nice Memorial Day!

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