Free T-Shirts

I long ago accepted the fact that I am not ever going to be named to GQ’s best dressed list. To me, “dressing nice” means that I should wear my basketball shorts that don’t have a hole in the side.

But I didn’t realize exactly how limited my wardrobe is until just the other day.

Looking at my shirts, I noticed that the vast majority of them are ones that I got for free.  I didn’t do the math, but I would guess that 73% of my shirts are ones that I did not pay for. They were obtained as freebies from work and different events, or I was given them as gifts from friends and family.

I still have shirts from 2003 that I got when I played high school basketball. And I wear these shirts regularly.

I don’t know if my number of free shirts is something to be proud of or embarrassed by.

One the one hand, I have probably saved hundreds of dollars by wearing free shirts. Plus who doesn’t love a free shirt? T-shirt time is one of the most popular parts of a sporting event. Be honest, how many of you read the blog title and thought “oh cool, he is giving away a free t-shirt.”

But on the other hand, maybe it is time to update my wardrobe.  How yellow do pit stains have to get before it is time to throw away the shirt?  I’ve never known the answer to that question.  Plus, I am starting to think that my old ratty 2003 shirts are a major contributor to me not having a girlfriend. “Hey baby, want to see my collection of free t-shirts?” probably isn’t the best pick up line.

Should I continue with my frugal attire or is it time to act like a grown up and learn to dress properly? It’s a tough call. Either way, today I am thankful for free t-shirts.

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